Best places for scuba diving in Australia

Best places for scuba diving in Australia

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Australian waters are home to some of the world’s most beautiful underwater scenery, a true paradise for diving enthusiasts.
From shipwrecks and caves to the world’s largest living organism, you’ll find a myriad of colors brighter and more vibrant than you could ever imagine. Here are six of the the best scuba diving sites in Australia:


1. Great Barrier Reef – Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef is the ultimate diving destination, one of the most impressive diving experiences you can have, even if you’ve never dived before visiting Australia.

This World Heritage Site, situated 20-40 miles off the coast, stretches for more than 1200 miles and is large enough to be visible from space. Most tours and cruises depart from Cairns, even those heading to Green Island and Fitzroy Island. You’ll swim amidst coral canyons, surrounded by turtles, starfishes and “Nemos”. If your budget allows it, you can spend the night in the highly exclusive Whitsunday Islands and reach the beautiful Heart Reef by Seaplane.

2. Nigaloo, Western Australia

Do you know the difference between hard and soft coral? At the Nigaloo Marine Park you will learn the difference as you admire more than 200 species of hard corals and 50 species of soft coral, each made in its own special way. Come face-to-face with highly evolved sponges at the entrance to Exmouth Gulf, and make friends with dolphins, batfish, angelfish, clownfish and many other elegant creatures from Murion Island.

3. Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Just an hour’s drive from Melbourne lies the ferry to the Port Philip Heads Marine Park. You can swim with stingrays, sea horses, urchins and sea dragons. The abundance of fish, birds and seals in the tiny natural paradise of Popes Eye will stun you.

If you are an experienced diver, you can dive from 28 to 60 feet between the cliffs, walls and underwater caves of Klep Beds Reef while at Port Philip Heads, you can go even deeper and explore submarine wrecks dating back to World War I.

If you’re not an expert, don’t worry. Even in this part of Australia, you can learn how to dive at Protesa Pier.


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