Is press freedom under attack on Boracay?

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Is press freedom under attack on Boracay?

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BORACAY Random Notes By Noel Cabobos

Fact is, for a journalist like me in a place like Boracay, it would really be impossible to report the truth without making myself an object of hatred by some sectors. And I am now feeling the heat.

Right now a new system of control is taking hold. Some wanted to stifle posts and conversations on some social media platforms such as the popular Facebook Group called Boracay Beach Community.

Clearly, some people want to impede the flow of information being churned out by this writer for a better information and understanding of the Boracay community on local concerns and realities. Is silencing the press through censorship, or better still, is press freedom under attack on Boracay?
boracaynon tumandok
This afternoon, Facebook user Boracaynon Tumandok, a newly-added admin of Boracay Beach Community, removed this writer from the group for the following reason, to wit:

“He has been removed because of numerous unfair negative posts and miss leading captions regarding local officials of Malay claiming they are ALL corrupt, which is unfair and untrue for the ones who work hard and are 100% honest public servants.”

Well, my membership to the group has been re-instated by another admin, the same admin, who reinstated some of my posts which had been deleted recently.

I know that reporting the news or presenting dissenting opinions or stance on various issues may not sit well with some members or admins of social media pages for that matter, but I do hope we will all learn to live and appreciate the thoughts behind the saying, “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to death your right to say it.”

Yes, I do consider the fact that it may be a dangerous activity for a journalist-advocate like me to be saying and writing things on what I feel is wrong about the island but please understand that it has been a normal position of an independent press like this writer. I may not earn friends or get a support base in the process but, for me, it is okay as long as I don’t betray my calling.

Boracay community, a free press plays a vital role about information dissemination, public affairs, and in monitoring the actions of our government at all levels, so let us not allow this community to suffer from ignorance of the goings-on on the island. Please take us–your independent press–to your bosom, if not with faith, at least with understanding.

Thank you and God bless us all!

P.S. But just in case I would be blocked again and you wouldn’t be seeing articles from this writer on Boracay Beach Community group, please note that my news and column articles are also regularly posted at Boracay Informer and Radyo Todo Aklan 88.5 FM pages in addition to my personal page, Boracay Random Notes.

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  1. Stand for what you know and feel what is right sir! Good luck! Just remember a saying” a tree of vast fruit, suffered stoning most of the time”! Most of the Admins on that group hates me so much also, (I guess for the same reason as you have)!

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