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Aklan rice production declines, corn goes up

Aklan rice production declines, corn goes up

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Aklan’s volume of rice production contracted by 5 percent in 2016 according to the latest report of Philippine Statistics Authority-Aklan.

Data showed that the province’ rice production pegged at 101, 471 metric tons in 2016 compared to 106, 329 metric tons a year ago.

The production accounted for almost 7 percent of Western Visayas’ total production during the year with 1.4 million MT.
Meanwhile, yield per hectare of rice declined by 6 percent from 3.28 MT in 2015 to 3.09 MT in 2016.
Of the total rice production during the year, 57 percent (57, 935 MT) were produced from irrigated farms lands, while 43 percent (43, 536 MT) are from rainfed farms.

On the other hand, corn production in Aklan inched up by 11 percent from 2, 431 metric tons in 2015 to 2, 688 metric tons in 2016.
Yield per hectare picked up by 3 percent to 2.13 MT in 2016 from 2.07MT a year ago.
The production accounted for almost 2 percent of Western Visayas production with 154,000 MT.
Of the two types of corn, yellow corn has the highest production with 78 percent (2, 090 MT), while white corn comprised 22 percent (598MT).

White corn are used primarily for human consumption, while yellow corn are used generally as feed grains.
The area harvested for corn in 2016 was estimated at 1, 262 hectares, or 8 percent higher compared to 1, 172 hectares reported in 2015.

According to Provincial Statistics Officer Antonet Catubuan the data were derived from Palay and Corn Production Survey (PCPS) conducted quarterly to get data on rice and corn production, area and yield, and other production-related statistics.

Information Officer-Designate
PSA Aklan Provincial Office

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