Zuzuni Boutique Hotel

A cozy beachfront hotel in the heart of Boracay

There is quiet luxury in not having to share your living space with a hundred other guests. And this is the kind of luxury that Zuzuni Boutique Hotel offers.

A prime beachfront fourteen-room boutique hotel and restaurant in world-famous Boracay Island, Zuzuni is more than just a place. Rather, it is the quintessential Boracay experience.

Our kind of service is highly personal yet very professional. It is intimate yet never intrusive. Staying at Zuzuni feels more like being welcomed to a private home, albeit one with the service ethic of a first class hotel.

Our boutique hotel, bringing a tailor-fit and quality experience, lies on the tail-end of Boracay’s Station 1 where you are a few steps away from everything: convenience shops, bars, restaurants, water sports activities, D Mall and be at one of the best spots to view the spectacular sunsets while enjoying refreshing drinks during happy hour.

Aside from this, our restaurant, La Cozina brings a Latino vibe to the island with its exciting dishes and fresh flavours.

At Zuzuni Boutique Hotel, you are sure to experience and savor Boracay’s little pleasures.

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