Subo Boracay


Subo Boracay is the brain (and love) child of passionate traveler, entrepreneur, antiques collector and the champion behind the successful Happy Planet chain of boutiques (formerly a bespoke furniture and home accessory chain called Lonely Planet) Boyet Sacdalan and the equally passionate and renowned Filipino chef and restaurateur Sunny de Ocampo.

Subo Boracay entices your discriminate palette and indulges your senses in a culinary adventure with a gastronomic kaleidoscope of outrageously delightful and unforgettable experiences!

Inspired by trippy travel adventures and misadventures, this hippy-go-lucky duo traipsed around the country to see, discover, explore, “and of course to devour the best of Philippine culture and cuisine!”

Showcasing the “Old” historical Philippines and its traditions, they reinvent the experience with a modern take by merging the old and the new worlds in an architectural and design masterpiece of a setting, and a vibrant menu that is reminiscent of grandmother’s secret recipes yet so exciting that you feel the flavors dancing in your mouth!

Not surprisingly, “subo” is Tagalog for “mouthful” or the gesture “to feed”.

Aside from up cycled antique and stained-glass windows, open carvings, wood and artifacts to refurbish the space, Boyet literally moved a 2-storey 1900s home façade to build 1905 – the adjacent “Open Show Kitchen”. The empty 950 square meter lot was transformed into a massive period Filipino home-turned-contemporary restaurant on the world-famous island destination of Boracay.

The outdoors is beautifully landscaped by landscape artist Raffy Ong, with flora showcasing Filipino heritage, recycled adobe tiles, antique benches and adorned with sculptures and other fascinating conversation pieces, all thoughtfully placed to offer a sense of place, reminiscent of the “Old Boracay”.

In the kitchen, Chef Sunny works his magic to present authentic and regional Philippine and Southeast Asian fare in a modern manner, served fresh daily with fresh seasonal local ingredients he personally handpicks. An expert on Southeast Asian and Filipino techniques, he combines original, traditional and regional styles with his own fresh twists, for an authentic dining experience that is sheer genius.

The result is both evolutionary and revolutionary, and definitely not what one might expect from a straightforward fine dining Filipino restaurant. Catering to an international clientele of world travelers looking for a taste of modern Filipino & Asian cuisine, Subo Boracay is the premiere flag-bearer of Filipino dining, and the quintessential alternative to today’s Philippine culinary landscape.

The signature Subo Boracay service reflects the island’s culture and is something you will not experience anywhere else. The relaxed and casual ambience, and the friendly, interactive and nontraditional service echo the island’s upbeat vibe.

As Boyet puts it, “It’s more than just a dining place, it’s a new experience.” Admittedly, Sunny refers to it as a “show restaurant,” complete with a live kitchen and a Chef’s Table, live cooking classes, cultural shows and seasonal Fiesta events, quirky surprises, and the dining experience itself which reinvents what it means to dine out.

In a nutshell, Subo Boracay brings the fun of sharing a dining experience back to the table, with passion, creative originality and integrity. Expect the unexpected on each and every visit!

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