Friendship Salon and Spa

The only fish spa in Boracay

Friendship Salon and Spa

To complete your rest and relaxation getaway, an hour or two in a spa is a must. At the heart of the busy Station 2, you will find one that offers the only fish spa center in the island. If fishes are not your thing, then a body massage is another option. But whichever you prefer, you can get it at Friendship Salon and Spa.


Friendship Salon and Spa is located at the heart of Station 2, just beside Nigi Nigi Nu Noos E Nu Nu Noos. The spa has been operating under its new management since February headed by Val Ian Ruiz. The spa is open daily from 8 AM to 12 MN.

The Fish Spa

With its beachfront location, guests can enjoy the view of the White Beach and watch the stunning sunset while they soak their feet on the water with fishes that eats their dead skin. You get tickled by imported fishes while they exfoliate your feet where in you can relax and laugh. The spa uses a special technology and uses imported fishes only trained as therapeutic or doctor fish. Every day, the water is cleaned thus, sanitation is ensured at the spa.


Customers can choose from three fish sizes on where to soak their feet – small, medium or large. The fish spa of Friendship salon is located on the second floor of their building. At least 15 people can fit together so a group visit is never a problem.

Classic Massage and Spa

Aside from the fish spa services, the spa also offers regular massage services. The spa has a 10-bed capacity. Their first floor of the spa is dedicated for their regular massage services. But guest can also choose to have their service on the second floor.

They have their own Friendship Signature Massage and also offer the classic Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Combination, Lava Stone Massage and the Twin Massage, where two people massaged your body. They also offer foot massage, foot spa reflexology, foot scrub, body scrub and manicure and pedicure services.





While there are hundreds of spas in the island, Friendship Salon and Spa has the perfect beachfront location and well-trained Therapist – DOH Licensed Massage Therapist, TESDA NCII Massage Therapist and far more trained by an expert.

So after that tiring day at the beach, a relaxing visit at Friendship Salon and Spa would be the kind of escape you should not miss.

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