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Why Boracay is a Number One Choice for Vacation


Why Boracay is a Number One Choice for Vacation

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The small Philippine island of Boracay is a regular on various charts and ratings of the best places for a beach holiday in the world. This is a real paradise, Mecca for those who enjoy relaxing vocations. Almost the entire island of Boracay is a continuous coastline, not just a coast, but several kilometers of white as flour sand. Demanding tourist wants not only a white beach, but also additional options in the form of hotels, restaurants, cafes, nightlife and water activities. And Boracay has much to offer!

The Main Beaches of the Island of Boracay

  • White Beach – the most party, the longest and most popular;
  • Diniwid Beach – a copy of the White Beach in miniature, a very beautiful and cozy beach at some distance from the party;
  • Bulabog Beach – a beach for lovers of kite surfing and similar active pastimes, located on the opposite side of the White Beach and there are always big waves in it from January to April;
  • Puka Beach is the most deserted and remote beach, there are very few hotels in the area, but the beach itself is very pleasant for walking and there are also quite high waves for swimming and muddy water.

On the island of Boracay, there is no such thing as a “hotel beach”, but the sun loungers most often belong to someone. Not all hotels have their own loungers, so if the goal is a lazy beach vacation, you should ask about the presence of sun loungers at your hotel.

How to Choose Budget Accommodation on the Island of Boracay

You can search for cheap accommodation or hotels on Boracay Island through any reservation system. Find one that gives an opportunity to compare the prices of dozens of booking systems – it remains to choose the best offer. Besides, read the reviews of travelers. Maybe level of hotel is not of great importance for you. Many people come to Boracay just for its night life, forgetting about the azure sea and coconut palms.

On the south side of Bulabog Beach, one of the best and biggest nightclubs of Boracay Area 51 SecretPartyFacility is hidden. The best place to find new friends and erotic adventures, food, drinks and incendiary dance. For those who prefer partying, drinking and dancing, remember the names of spa salons – Tirta Spa and Mandala Spa. Only an hour and a half of massage and all heavy thoughts will remain in the distant past.

If you feel short in cash to visit all these places, you can apply for a cash loan from a lending company, you may choose the best offers at the Caris Company website. Use the money now, pay back later. Don’t delay your pleasure and fun!

When is It Better to Go on Vacation to Boracay?

From June to October, a very strong wind blows in Boracay, typhoons and heavy rains are possible – this is a real off-season. In addition, at this time of the year hotels often start renovations. Besides, try to avoid traveling on big holidays, New Year, Christmas and Chinese New Year. The rest of the time, Boracay is perfect with a 95 percent probability. Surprises of the weather are possible but unlikely.

The best time to relax in Boracay is November-December, January-May! What can you do if the time of vacation has come but you don’t have the needed amount of money? Delaying the trip is not possible in such circumstances. Lending companies save the situation. Take a loan now, have a vacation and give back the money later. Application is simple and quick. Within couple days you are ready to pay for your trip. And don’t forget to buy a new bathing suit, it’s gonna be hot in Boracay!

Photo by Laurentiu Morariu on Unsplash

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