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Boracay workers told, relocate in mainland


Boracay workers told, relocate in mainland

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The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is urging workers staying in Boracay to relocate in mainland Malay, in a move to decongest the island.
DENR Undersecretary Sherwin Rigor, in a press conference held recently said hotel and establishment owners who will be allowed to operate once the island reopens are already advised to bring their workers outside the island.
Rigor said the number of workers on the island outnumber the number of tourists visiting the island.
He said at least 15,000 to 20,000 workers that currently staying in Boracay are needed to be relocated.
He said the interagency task force for Boracay rehabilitation has already met with the barangay officials of Caticlan and Sambiray for the relocation of workers.
Rigor said Caticlan can already absorb at least 3,000 workers in time for the reopening of the island while Sambiray assured available space for dorm development.
The DENR is likewise eyeing to remove all boarding houses in the island.
“We will no longer allow boarding houses in Boracay,” he said.
Meanwhile, Rigor said a group composed of compliant businesses on the island called Compliant Association of Boracay (CAB) was recently formed.
He said the task force will be coordinating with the group in line with the worker’s relocation and in the implementation of the policies for the island’s reopening.
He said they are also looking into the possibility of hotels to house their own workers too.
Rigor likewise said marking and recording system in Caticlan and Cagban jetty port will be established to monitor workers on the island.

4 responses to Boracay workers told, relocate in mainland

  1. If the worker will relocate at the main land it is a additional expence for the worker and additional waist of time to travel. Did you ever try first so that you will see if it is applicable for the workers or that will be the reason boracay will be no longer and it will stay just an island that no one will live or work for that kind of information that never been think first before you announce.

  2. If you would laid some plans for workers ,that would be good. Example: giving free transportation fareto all workers in tricycle and pumpboat, and increasing minimum wage .If your only minimum wage earner, working in boracay is not good choice anymore.

  3. Fare expenses will be the first issue for that relocation also travel will be more time consuming and the move of transportation. Think also the situation of workers try to be on thier shoes bording expense food and fare less at thier minimum wages at the issue of high inflation today how can a worker save for there family ang future . Evaluate first the situation both sides not just to more profits! .

  4. I work on boracay but im stay at the house of my uncle for free. you will still relocate me ? I need yor reply right away .thank you!😊

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