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Strict enforcement of Boracay local ordinances

boracay police ordinance implementation

Strict enforcement of Boracay local ordinances

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Police Major Jess Baylon said they will intensify the strict implementation of various ordinances in Malay, Aklan and Boracay Island. 

The enforcement of laws and sustained efforts to maintain peace and order are the top priorities of law enforcers to secure tourists and residents. 

“Dumarami ang violators sa front beach at main road simula noong re-opening ng Boracay. Ang ating kapulisan,  sa ngayon, ang nag-iissue ng citation tickets sa mga violators.  May na-impound din tayong mga vehicles dahil sa violations,” Baylon said. 

The acting police chief of Malay, Aklan pointed out that ambulant vendors and commissioners are not allowed to offer their goods and services to tourists in the White Beach.  

All habal-habal or motorcycle-for hire drivers are also prohibited in the streets, and that they will be apprehended by the police if found violating the municipal ordinance. 

Baylon said they are not  ‘sparing’ anyone in the continued enforcement of local ordinances. 

“Pasensiyahan tayo pag mahuli kayo ng ating kapulisan. Patuloy nating enforce ang local ordinances sa ikabubuti ng lahat,” he added.

The ordinances commonly violated are activities along the front beach of vendors and peddlers, entry of motorbikes, tricycles, serving foods and eating in the front beach (Municipal Ordinance No. 132, series of 2000), anti-smoking in public places (MO 272, series of 2009 and amended MO 309, series of 2012), prohibition of carrying or clutching glass bottles if any beverage while walking, strolling or promenading in the beaches (MO 312, series of 2012), and regulation of vendors, peddlers, masseurs and manicurists (MO 181, series of 2002).

Other violations are littering, dumping, throwing of garbage and trash (MO 311, series of 2002), regulation of tourist guides, coordinators and tourist escorts (MO 164, series of 2002), regulation of unmanned aerial vehicles and drones (MO 362), embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, and loading and unloading of cargoes of all motorboats plying Malay (MO 180, series of 2002) and prohibition on pissing and defacating in public places (MO 116, series of 1998).

Baylon said he will also coordinate with the local government to implement the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) order to clear the roads of obstructions in mainland Malay and Boracay Island.



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