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Security forces eye Boracay White Beach as “disciplined zone”

Security forces eye Boracay White Beach as "disciplined zone"

Security forces eye Boracay White Beach as “disciplined zone”

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The 4-kilometer White Beach of Boracay is seen to be become a model of a disciplined tourism zone.

To do this, members of the Metro Boracay Task Force will launch the activity dubbed as “Battle of the Front Beach” on February 21.

The activity is part of the launching of the new strategy of the MBTF in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Malay and the interagency task force in implementing the rules and regulations of the island.

According to PSupt. Ryan Manongdo, MBPTF ground commander, the new project dubbed as BESST or Boracay Enhanced Security Strategy and Tactics aims to impose the strict implementation of the island ordinances as part of its continued rehabilitation.

Manongdo noted that despite the strict warning from authorities since the reopening last October, cases of littering, smoking and drinking in prohibited areas continue to exist.

Existence of ambulant vendors, sex workers and unauthorized business transactions also persist, he added.

However, these cases are expected to decrease if not stopped through BESST, said Manongdo in an interview with the media recently.

With the creation of BESST, a regular roving team will be assigned at the White Beach starting February 21 to ensure the strict implementation of local ordinances, Manongdo said.

The roving team will be composed of members of the MBTF, enforcers from the Malay Auxiliary Police, Tourism Regulatory and Enforcement Unit and beach guard who are under the LGU-Malay.

He said the police officers who will be part of the roving team will be equipped with action cameras to ensure that their operation is transparent.

The personnel from the LGU will meanwhile be assigned in issuing tickets for violators.

They will also undergo trainings before their deployment, Manongdo clarified.

Manongdo said a weekly evaluation will be conducted to monitor the number of violators and to gauge the success of the project.

He said the project’s phase I will include only the White Beach.

Manongdo said the project will also be replicated for the main roads of Boracay for Phase II, and the rest of the island for the Phase III.

One response to Security forces eye Boracay White Beach as “disciplined zone”

  1. So interesting to find this page!
    Having read the above news, I appreciate the efforts to ‘clean up’ Boracay. However, I urge you to be very careful in your training of these ‘voluntary police’ lest they become ‘vigilantes’… which it appears some of them already have.
    In our case, two western women, having been spending the whole day at the beach with our young children playing when groups of these blue t-shirt types are walking around asking if any food packet nearby belongs to you or not, so we replied that it wasn’t ours (it wasn’t) but he kept asking though.. And not in a friendly way.

    Later at 5ish, we were still there under the trees, and I said to the other mum, shall I go to the 7-11 and get us a cold beer? I bought a corona each and no sooner had we popped the lid than we were surrounded by eight(!) of your voluntary police.. The ringleader if I can call him that, told us in no uncertain terms that we were breaking the law and needed to pay 2500 rupees on the spot. Meanwhile the 7 others took photos. We said, we’re very sorry, we didn’t know that was the law and promptly put it away. The ringleader wasn’t having it and insisted we pay.. I asked why no warning only and for evidence of it being illegal and for evidence of that size of fine… He said there are signs all over the beach.. We couldn’t see any where we were.. But later saw some, but none that said no drinking on the beach with a 2500 rupee fine!

    Anyway since the ringleader and all of his comrades surrounding us were causing a crowd of onlookers and not only scary for our children… being rational people we realised your ringleader was not leaving without his conviction secured. So I suggested that we weren’t going to pay there, but if it really was the case, then we would pay at the police station where we could confirm this was indeed the law (we assumed real police wouldn’t act in such a way… ).

    Anyway we went the police station with a crowd of followers and the policeman there didn’t seem too bothered but listened to the ringleader who spoke to him only in tagalog.. sympathized with us but said he couldn’t do anything.. But the ringleader said we will fine you 1000 pesos instead.. It didn’t seem like a compromise as it was all very unfriendly in the delivery. This was after a good hour.. So we reluctantly paid this. Later when I checked the fine receipt.. it seemed he charged us for littering!

    A real local policeman came us to us on the way back and said he hoped we were okay.. Which we appreciated as it was an entirely unpleasant experience to say the least..

    Anyway, I thought I would share my experience in the chance that you might see the ‘other side’ of the coin.


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