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Sea turtle lays eggs in Boracay


Sea turtle lays eggs in Boracay

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MALAY, Aklan – An Olive Ridley sea turtle laid its eggs on the beachfront of a resort in Boracay Island last week.   

Considered among vulnerable species due to its decreasing population, the turtle was discovered to lay over 106 eggs, the resort said on its social media post.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) quickly came to the area and built a fence around the eggs to protect them.

The occurrence proves to be quite strange since sea turtles are known to lay eggs in hidden areas where no human can disturb them. 

But marine biologist Haron Deo Vargas saw this as an indicator that despite human presence, the sea turtle trusts the beach enough that her eggs won’t disappear. 

Because the Olive Ridley sea turtle population is already vulnerable, the law prohibits people from capturing, killing or domesticating these turtles.(With a report from GMA News/PN)

Photo: Haron Deo Vargas

Source: Panay News

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september, 2020

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