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Newly-formed local task force to conduct simulation exercise

Newly-formed local task force to conduct simulation exercise

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BORACAY ISLAND — Tourists and locals of this resort island are reminded not to panic when members of the local security forces gather at the White Beach of this world-famed island on Saturday morning as this is just a capability demonstration activity.

Rowen Aguirre, executive assistant for Boracay Affairs, said the activity was in line with the launching of the newly-formed Joint Task Force Boracay.

Aguirre, also the head of the local task force, said it would have three sub-groups which would focus on the following: maritime security and safety, peace and order, and emergency preparedness.

Aguirre said the upcoming simulation exercise would showcase the preparedness of the island’s security and emergency forces in times of threat.

The Task Group on Maritime Security and Safety will be composed of members of the Air Force of the Philippines, Philippine Army and the Philippine Navy. They will also be assisted by members of the Philippine Coast Guard and Philippine National Police-Maritime Unit.

Task Group Peace and Order will be under the jurisdiction of the members of the Philippine National Police in Malay while the Task Group Emergency Preparedness will be under the Malay Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.

He said the activity would start with scenarios simulating the three rings of security for Boracay – in the island itself, in its coastal waters and its neighboring areas.

Aguirre said the creation of the local task force was in response to threats in other parts of the country. “We have to respond proactively. We should act while there is no untoward incident yet in Boracay,” he said adding that this is to show Boracay’s readiness.

He likewise stressed that the task force woule not focus alone in Boracay and the political jurisdiction of Malay, but woule expand even to neighboring islands including Carabao in Romblon and Caluya and Semirara in Antique. (Karen V. Bermejo/PNA)

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