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BORACAY Random Notes by Noel Cabobos

The issue of another ambitious project, a proposed bridge linking Caticlan and Boracay Island, is again retaking its shape.

Indeed, if there’s one mind that one has to find difficult to read is the mind of our politicians for being truly troublesome in nature.

You see, the island is currently suffering from various effects of negligence, environmental and otherwise–the main reason why the national government took over for its rehabilitation–and all that our officials can think of is to exacerbate the problem by implementing projects that will harden the effects of environmental degradation to the already beleaguered Boracay.

Going from bad to worse…that is the kind of thinking that we can have from some of our officials and, lo and behold, most of them seem to agree to the idea as everybody seems to be so silent about it.

In the political parlance, my years of covering the political beat would always give me the notion that silence means “Definitely, Yes.”

Honestly, I cannot really see the significance of that bridge in an island like Boracay especially now that we are faced with the recurring problem of traffic snags almost all over.

Of course, it is worse in this season because of the unfinished roads and tourist influx at this time of the year. But the situation is just a bit different during the lean season.

Having said this, we can surmise that there is indeed a certainty in Boracay and it’s the government’s mispriorities.

C’mon let’s not kid each other anymore. The problem is right there under our noses and it is staring at us right there when you come out of doorsteps. Isn’t this the problem that needs some prioritizing rather than that damn bridge?
You see, the local government is even imposing the phase-out of all tricycles by the end of the year, I mean those relics blamed for lung-busting smog to ease the traffic congestion which is pestering us every single day, and now, if and when that damn bridge is constructed, what kind of traffic scenario and pollution from vehicles that will pass through it we are to expect? Besides, do we have parking areas for these vehicles? And where will you put that massive number of Boracaynon boatmen to be displaced in the process?

I really hate to imagine, but this is just a part of a small picture if and when that ambitious bridge is built. The bigger picture is that we are about to kill the fantasy that an island like Boracay is famous for. Because if that happens, we will be making the island too easy for everybody to go to.

Yes, that bridge will make going to Boracay cheap and Boracay is not supposed to be cheap. Boracay Island, folks, is not supposed to be easy. It should remain a fantasy. But constructing that damn bridge will kill that fantasy of going to Boracay, I mean, all that fantasy in the mind of a tourist while crossing the island on a boat after traveling for hours just to reach this island destination. Yep, we will be killing that same fantasy that all of us had wondered and enjoyed the first time we stepped into this island.

Boracay is a fantasy to us and to so many people all over the world. Let’s continue to make Boracay a total island destination and a fantasy to the world. And let us not allow some tormented minds break it. Let’s all tell them to BACK OFF!

Why are we fond of electing officials with this mindset anyway? Ahhhh! Some things don’t really make sense to me in this part of the country. (Comments are welcome at [email protected])

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february, 2020


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