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East Asians dominate Boracay arrivals


East Asians dominate Boracay arrivals

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The Malay Municipal Tourism Office records show that from January to July over 1.3 million foreign and domestic tourists have visited the world-class resort island.

AKLAN, Philippines – Most of the international visitors to the island resort of Boracay in the first 7 months of this year were from East Asian countries

Aside from China and Korea, travelers from Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong also contributed to the growing number of East Asians in the popular beach destination.

From January to July, East Asians reached 554,773 or 84% of the total overseas tourists visiting the island, data from Malay Municipal Tourism Office showed.

Boracay is also a top destination for North Americans – Canada, USA and Mexico – with 20,883 arrivals, while 15,106 were Northern Europeans from Norway, United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, Ireland and Sweden.

China remained the largest inbound tourist market with 291,982 arrivals or 44% (2 out of 5) of total international visitors. Korea was second with 235,420. Tourists from Taiwan registered 18,390 arrivals, the US with 16,263 and United Kingdom with 9,668.

For the period, foreigners in Boracay reached 657,445 while domestic tourists totaled 615,821 arrivals. Overall, visitors in the island posted 1,317,462 from January to July.

Last month, Boracay was voted one of top 10 islands in Asia by Travel+Leisure magazine. –

By Boy Ryan B. Zabal


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