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DENR confirms cleanup of Boracay on lean season


DENR confirms cleanup of Boracay on lean season

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The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has confirmed that a cleanup activity will happen in Boracay again this year.

This was confirmed in a media interview with DENR Undersecretary Sherwin Rigor last Saturday during the sidelines of a stakeholders meeting in the island.

“The cleanup will happen,” he stressed adding that it could happen on the island’s lean season when there are fewer tourists visiting Boracay.

However, Rigor stressed that it was not yet decided if the whole island will be closed for a month or if it will be done partially or by section.

He said that instead of closing the whole island like what happened for six months last year, there is also a proposal to do it by section only.

“We can also divide it by section and close each section for a week,” he said.

Rigor said the cleanup is to let the tourists know that that the rehabilitation efforts for the island are being sustained.

“This is our evidence that we continue cleaning Boracay,” he said.

He also added that this is to ensure that the same thing which triggered Boracay’s closure last year would not happen again.

Meanwhile, Rigor said the DENR continues to conduct an inspection of establishments in Boracay to ensure that only compliant establishments are operating.

Recently, at least 10 establishments were served with notices for operating even without compliance certificate.*

2 responses to DENR confirms cleanup of Boracay on lean season

  1. When do you clean-up the worst area affected by all this destruction in Station 1 Brgy Balabag ?
    It has such bad health implications with all the dust and filth you have created destroying businesses and the locals are just fed up with this no-action clean up: Mothers and their children have to go to Kalibo for regular hospital visits.Shame on you buerocrats

  2. A big surprise. I haven’t seen any notice.
    What’s the plan? What are the goals? Who is in charge?
    Seems like closing just to close. They closed it a year ago for 6 months with no real plan. Consequently, NOT DONE yet!

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september, 2020

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