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Boracay bridge deal inches closer

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Boracay bridge deal inches closer

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Conglomerate San Miguel Corp.’s (SMC) offer to build a bridge to Boracay Island could soon move forward with a key endorsement from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

SMC is due to bag an original proponent status from the DPWH within this quarter, said an official with knowledge of the matter.

As original proponent, SMC will have the right to match better offers and win the project in a Swiss Challenge process. The company will also need to obtain the final approval from the board of the National Economic and Development Authority, which is chaired by President Duterte.

The DPWH previously announced that SMC, a food, drinks and infrastructure giant, had submitted all the required documents for the bridge project. The DPWH’s certification was made on Jan. 29, 2019.

The project was described as a “limited access bridge infrastructure project” that would link the main island of Panay in Malay, Aklan and Boracay, a popular destination for local and international visitors that was closed for six months last year under a rehabilitation program ordered by President Duterte.

The project is not meant to significantly increase the tourist load in the island but to instead allow the easier flow of supplies and the removal of waste.

“The bridge is not envisioned to cater to vehicular through-traffic, so as not to congest the island, but will be provided with loading/unloading areas on both ends to process the movement of commuters, solid waste, goods and supplies,” the DPWH said.

The project will cost P5.48 billion, including right-of-way, and will be undertaken by San Miguel Holdings Corp., SMC’s infrastructure arm.

SMC also operates the Boracay Airport in Panay through concession-holder TransAire Development Holdings Corp.

SMC Holdings’ other assets include toll roads such as the South Luzon Expressway, Metro Manila Skyway, Naia Expressway, Star Tollway and the Tarlac Pangasinan La Union Expressway. Its other projects include the Bulacan Bulk Water project, the Metro Rail Transit Line 7 and the Manila North Harbor project.

By Miguel R. Camus


One response to Boracay bridge deal inches closer

  1. Please read this carefully with open mind and think:

    You really need to consider implementing these regulations.

    You will become more popular than ever and will have the support of the poor and middle-class families.

    Please read and share more people engaging in this will make the law makers to think and consider this seriously.

    Still these rules must be implemented to secure the jobs and the Environment.

    1. All boats engines must be changed to electric and expenses to change the boat engines can be covered from toll plaza (Turnpike, Toll way) from the bridge itself.

    2. If the main plan that was drafted in 2012 is still effective to replace all the workers in the island to the mainland free shuttle buses for workers must be provided.

    3. No visitors / tourists to use the bridge unless emergency.

    4. All trucking and use of the bridge must be taxed in addition to Toll plaza revenue must be used to secure the Environment and improve the safety and comfort for the islanders. Bridge must have control cameras to prevent corruption and abusing.

    5. The garbage companies must use proper trucking to take the trash out of the island and use it for renewable energy.

    6. Speed cameras must be placed, all truckers must cover and secure their cargo. Heavy fines for violators.

    7. This must be controlled by IATF and local government should issue modernised digital passes to make exploitation impossible.

    8. Everything must be digitalized and controlled by networking management and IOT secured on cloud. Nnetwork monitoring is very simple and will stop the corruption.

    9. San Migual Corp. should add 2-peso per bottle of their alcoholic and sweet beverages to cover the building cost and related maintenance expenses of the bridge safety and digital systems. And if San Migual is really nice they can already change the boats engines to electric to save the environment and help the people to maintain their livelihood. You will recover your money anyway so WHY NOT?
    This way you save the jobs and environment!
    Daniel B. J

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