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5 cruise ships to visit Boracay

5 cruise ships to visit Boracay

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File Photo: Patrick Payne via FLICKR

BORACAY Island, Aklan — At least five cruise ships are expected to arrive in this resort island before the year ends, an official of the Caticlan Jetty Ports administration said Thursday.

Jetty port administrator Niven Maquirang said at least two of these cruise ships have already confirmed their arrival.

“The MS Millennium is expected to return to Boracay on November 21. The MS World Dream is also set to dock first time on November 22,” Maquirang said.

The MS Millennium is the 11th cruise ship to arrive in Boracay this year.

The MS World Dream is expected to bring with it some 4,000 passengers and some 1,900 crews.

MS World Dream is also expected to stay for nine hours in the seas of Boracay.

Its passengers will be transported via a boat and will roam around different malls and souvenir shops in this resort island. (JNAguirre/PNA)

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  1. Don’t ruin Boracay with cruise ships!!!! Passengers from cruise ships only ruin these places and don’t contribute to the local economy in a big way. They don’t eat or Shop much as they get food on the cruise!! Look how they have ruined venice!!!!

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