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By: Megs S. Lunn

“Real friends walk in and catch you when times get tough.”

Have you had one friend that stayed with you for a decade or two? 

God designed us to meet people and help each other. God designed a community for us to keep. We are destined to be our brother’s keeper and withstand each other in pain and joy. In real life, when your world shakes with challenges and worst pain, when you are going through tough time, tremors and the like, we can never say that we can be happy and that we can overcome. In principle and in good faith, we can, because God designed us to live in community gracefully accepting help when we are in need.

The other day, my friend for more than a decade all of a sudden broke the news that finally he is getting serious with life, taking on a one way street….at last, a family is on its way. He would never believe in marriage. He called it every time “just a piece of paper.” His time has eventually come, whether he likes or not, he is getting there, thanks God. He respectfully said after breaking the news that, “our friendship is on a solid ground, we will continue to help each other in one way or another.” I was so honored to hear that. What a real friend he is, in joy and in pain. He is my mentor, my best of friends and a brother/family to us. For more than a decade, he most of the time asserted as my mentor and a strategist once in a while. I owe him the principle of saying “No” to things that are not necessary so that I can say “Yes” to things that are more important. He taught me how to practice this for many years. “If God hadn’t been there for me, I never would have made it.” Thank you for a friend in deed.

We have acquaintances in our life that come and go. When everything is getting smooth sailing, our friends are there to share the joy and success. When we are in trouble, some can come running straight to embrace you and give you support. Others can be hesitant but who can blame them? Perhaps, they are not prepared for any down fall or not ready to offer help which in the first place he/she has none to offer, at all. However, you can offer a shoulder to lean on, to cry on, to hang on…..this is more than enough a friend in pain can ask for, you never know. For no one can make it in life alone. We need each other to take off and stand with each other in rubble.

Who has consistently encouraged you and challenged you? A friend can affirm your resolve. A true friend must tell you the truth of what and who you are. A friend should know your gifts and that a friend can offer either comfort or discomfort, too. It can never be perfect for both of you.

Who have assisted you in rebuilding your life from rubble? Those who are unassuming can even show help you do not expect. Nobody knows who will be there for you in this time. But rest assured, God knows your desire and even before you ask for it, He would willingly give it to you since you deserved to have it.

Can you say any one of your friends can deliberately be there and empower you to defend yourself from trouble? The answer is so-so. No one can ever know until then. No one can say yes for now. But pity the man who falls and no one can help him.

We have a friend in Jesus. We have a shelter in Him. We only lack in acknowledging Him.  Do not worry. As book Author Chris Shook said, “Whenever we begin to worry, we’ve lost our shelter and exposed ourselves to the elements that can shake our faith.” We do not want this to happen. Our Lord will never let us down. He is the very best friend that we need, no one else, nobody else. Jesus will walk through every problem with you and He will never forsake you.

God says, “Turn to Me first, pray about it, because I’m right here with you.”

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