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By: Megs S. Lunn

Loving should not be afraid to be emptied. Isn’t that what God did when He left the comforts of heaven to be a helpless little Baby in a manger? Isn’t that what Jesus did for us on the cross? He emptied Himself.” (Kerygma)

To share the revelation of love by the Lord is much more like sharing His whole being to each one of you and prayerfully hoping that you can be touched. It is true, that the two important commandments of God is “Love the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind. Second is to – “Love thy neighbor,” is important in each other, connected in each other and indeed pointless without the other, so to speak.

My friend would feel so awful in hearing these words as she would say, “It is hard to love our enemies.” Well, who said it is easy, anyway? None of these 10 Commandments is easy to follow and do it by heart. Others would be hypocrite; some shrugged it off in cold shoulders, while still fortunately to few it is easy. I said, ‘fortunately’, because the Lord does not look at quantity, it is quality that matters to Him.

Harder that it may seem, but once you understand the words it is easy to accept and act on it. At first, when you are told, “Listen carefully”, aren’t you going to stop a while and listen? “Hear me and follow the instruction”, aren’t you going to stop, listen and follow because once you are not following, it is hard to understand and answer the question in the first place. We can’t be fooled anyway by just hearing the instruction; we need to listen attentively, think about the words, and follow. But before you follow, you need to understand every word in it, right? It’s like when you are ask, “What’s your order?” You blurted out, “Anything!” But there is no ‘anything’ in the menu in the first place. Do you understand the question or was it for some, a philosophical answer? Obviously, it seemed a joke but we are like that when we are confronted with the truth. No one will accept that reality that it hurts in the first place. It is also true, the truth hurts.

So, when the Lord says, “Love thy neighbor”, and we answer Him, “It is hard, Lord.” How can you answer ‘hard’ when you have not tried understanding it first before you said - ‘it is hard.’ It is simply denying the words to come into your heart to understand, accept and eventually follow. Is it because of pride? Of embarrassment? I have tried it many times, and it works. Understanding the word “enemy” is hard when our hearts is not actually open to first understanding the word and the principle behind the word, and the reason/s the person became an ‘enemy.’ There are reasons, am sure you know it by heart. We are blinded by our pride and insecurity, fear of embarrassment and fear of status quo is worst.

The same with ‘giving and loving’ - when you first do not understand what’s in these words…you will answer “I don’t have nothing to give”, “I am not capable of loving”, etc. First, understand the words, and then everything else follows. For there are many ways of giving….it is not just about money. Others would say “NO” right away when they are asked to give. I noticed they have not opened their mind and heart into the word ‘giving’ – as they think about it as ‘money’ only. In their mind, when they do not have money, they can’t afford to give. But there are more in life than money. Think about it. “Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless.”(Ecclesiastes 5:10)

My other friend once said, “To allow yourself to love without the other person loving you back is hard, it hurts.” Come to think of it, have you felt loving and feeling ‘kilig’ and or ‘blushing’, ‘smiling’ quietly, etc? Does it feel good inside? What was your feeling when you fist felt that you are in love with that person? Isn’t it great? Well, for me it is...ha ha…it doesn’t matter if that other half does not know or feel the same way. My point is it feels good to be in love, without thinking or waiting for a return. Hard? It is, but just for once you need to understand what it is to love in the first place, what love really is to you and how do we manifest that love towards the other person.  It is the same when you want to help someone considering he is an enemy at the same time, you must first understand the person, then accept who he is before love can be manifested. Just by understanding the person and his differences, it is already an acceptance to love that person no matter what. For love is the fulfillment of the law of God. When you love, you have fulfilled God’s mission on earth. Personally? It’s the lovin’ feeling that is most important. It feels good, try it.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” (1 John 4:18-19)

If you still do not understand, and tired of giving understanding a place in your heart, turn to God. He never runs out of wisdom.

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