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bpht-booking-services-logo BPHT Booking Services has been established as an online booking service company. Our business model is based on the aggregation of different services for tourism in Boracay Island Philippines.
We arrange hotel/resort accommodation, transfer services, activities and tours.
We specialized in complicated trips and large group travel. We pre-arranged everything so our guest can enjoy a stress-free travel going to Boracay.
Our efforts, is to improve the quality and availability of information for travelers. We value and understand your vacation needs that is why we will make sure you will have the best vacation experience in the island.

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Things to do in Boracay

There are countless ways to enjoy your vacation in Boracay. Yet, one thing you should not skip during your vacation is the fun, exhilarating and exciting activities in the island. Whether you are the adventurous type or just someone who wants to bask under the heat of the sun, there’s an option to choose from.

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Tourist Attractions

Naasug Point

Naausog Point

Naasug Point is a 120-ft vertical cliff adjacent to the sea located in Barangay Naasug.  It’s white beach and underwater resources are amazing, worthy for sight-seeing, swimming and scuba diving.  It’s virgin forest and cave are sanctuary to wildlife.

Pangihan Cave

Pangihan Cave

Pangihan Cave is a wildlife sanctuary located in Barangay Poblacion.  Wit h a total area of 5,001 square meters (275 meters long and 3-5 meters wide), it has eight (8) connecting chambers with glittering stalactites and stalagmites.

Nabaoy River

Nabaoy River

Nabaoy River is located in Barangay Nabaoy, the river is a serene place recommended for bonding and get-together.  With native huts alongside, the locals offer native dishes and delicacies at affordable rates.  Refresh your day by swimming and rafting in its calm and crystal clear waters.

Nagata Falls

Nagata Falls

Nagata Falls is a magnificent falls and the highest among the waterfalls in the municipality.  Enjoy the experience going there by crossing five (5) rivers and exploring the scenic, untouched nature.  Feel its tranquility and be amazed of the waterfalls’ splendor.

Agnaga Mini Falls

Agnaga Mini Falls

Agnaga Mini Falls and Cold Spring is located in Barangay Kabulihan, a place where the forest and rocks meet the spring.  Truly a nature gift, this mini-falls and cold spring is ideal as a picnic place favorably during summer because of its inviting water that beats the summer heat.

Malay Eco-Park Butterfly Garden

Malay Ecological Park

Malay Ecological Park is a rural eco-tourism attraction located at Barangay Argao with a total are of 8,010 square meters and 35 meters inclined. With stairs 65 stairs going up, it is a sceneic place over viewing Boracay Island.