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Closing Time – The Day before the Closure

Closing Time – The Day before the Closure

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In the summer of 2018 on the 25th of April, impinged not only the hearts of the people of Boracay but also their very lives.

A day like any other turned into a very hectic and confusing day, a day of distress. Tons and tons of people lining up in an almost unending line just to get an “id pass” to enter a renovating island. Everywhere you can see people in uniform wearing blues and green carrying guns as if inflicting martial law and the buildings that the workers built with sweat and tears are being torn apart like sand castle.



It doesn’t end just there. The feeling of sadness and the expression of fear on what’s going to happen next is seen on the people’s faces, especially the workers whose livelihood rest on the shores of Boracay. What will they do next? How will they live from now on? Where will they go? These are some of the thoughts that runs through their minds.


It is sad that things went this way, but they said all of this is for the good of the island. A process of rehabilitation is to be done. The path that has been laid may be nothing but piles of rubles, it’s difficult and might be hard to accept but take a leap of faith to look at it as a bigger picture and a stepping stone towards a new beginning.



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