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Group urges ‘proper relocation’ for beachfront activities


Group urges ‘proper relocation’ for beachfront activities

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“Give us proper relocation.” This is the appeal of the members of the Malay Boracay Vendors, Peddlers, Masseurs, Manicurist Association (MABOVEN) in line with the plan of the Boracay Interagency Task Force for Rehabilitation to ban tables, chairs and massage beds along the beach.

“We appeal for a proper relocation,” said Rhea Balandra, president of Maboven, a group of more than 300 members. “The beach is the life of Maboven. We just want to continue living,” she said in an interview.

Adelfa Cuesta, former president of Maboven likewise urged the task force to have the regulation ready before they will be removed from the beach. “There is only one month and we do not know our status yet,” she added.

“We have been suffering already for the past five months during the closure, we are just hoping that will return us to the beach,” she said.
Cuesta said their group which has been operating for 28 years already also pointed that their members have been complying with the rules set for the island.

“We are okay if they will regulate us, but we hope that they will not remove us from the beachfront,” she added. Souvenir stalls and shops will also be banned from the beachfront based on the guidelines set for approval by the task force.

The island’s reopening is set on October 26, with a dry run starting on October 15. Despite the reopening, some tourism activities will still be on hold. Water sports activities as well as diving activities will not be allowed yet until further notice, according to the task force.

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