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EO for Boracay casino ban not necessary— Duterte


EO for Boracay casino ban not necessary— Duterte

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President Rodrigo R. Duterte said issuing an executive order (EO) is no longer necessary to ban casino operation in Boracay.

“No, I’ll just say huwag na…It is not a requirement that I should really be writing something,” Duterte said during a media interview following the distribution of land titles under agrarian reform program here on Thursday evening.

Duterte said it is already the Boracay community who do not want casino in the island, then there will be no more casino here.

“If it is the wish of the population here that they do not want a casino, then it will be a no casino,”

Duterte also said that casino operation may also spawn crimes such as illegal drugs, as well as cases of kidnapping.

To note, Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra has recommended the issuance of an executive order (EO) from the president to speed up the ban on casino operations in Boracay.

In a press conference during the island’s reopening on October 26, Guevarra said an EO would provide lasting ruling for a no-casino policy on the island.

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