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DSWD to distribute 50,000 food boxes for Boracay residents

DSWD to distribute 50,000 food boxes for Boracay residents

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The Department of Social Welfare and Development 6 (DSWD) is set to distribute a total 50,000 family food boxes to residents of the three barangays of Boracay.
DSWD 6 Regional Director Rebecca Geamala said an initial 17,000 boxes were already delivered to Boracay for the first batch of distribution this week.
The DSWD targets to distribute food packs to the initial 10,881 families that were initially administered with Disaster Assistance Family Access Cards (DAFAC) in the three barangays.
On Thursday, DSWD was able to release food packs to a total of 1,519 families registered in barangay Yapak.
The DSWD is also set to distribute food packs to 3,480 families in Balabag on August 10 and to 5,881 families in Manocmanoc on August 11.
Each food boxes contains at least six kilos of rice and assorted canned goods that could last for two to three days.
Geamala likewise stressed that the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) of Malay was instructed to give DAFAC to all residents of Boracay.
“Everyone will be given DAFAC. Those who have no DAFAC would be assessed to give them assistance. This is to ensure that all families will be provided,” said Geamala.
Geamala said the remaining boxes of food packs from the DSWD Central Office are also set to be delivered to Boracay to augment the needs of the people while the island is closed.
She said the family packs were being transported for free by Cebu Pacific from Manila to Iloilo City.
It is then transported from Iloilo to the island through the help of the Philippine National Police, Philippine Army, Office of the Civil Defense and the Local Government Unit of Malay.
San Miguel Corporation has also offered their vehicles to fast track the transport of the food boxes for Boracay, said Geamala in a media interview during the Regional Cluster Meeting held in Boracay Thursday.
She said distribution will continue until all 50,000 food packs are distributed.

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