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TIEZA bares final drainage plan for Boracay

TIEZA bares final drainage plan for Boracay

Home Boracay Informer’s News TIEZA bares final drainage plan for Boracay

The Phase II, which consists of six packages, has a budget of more than PHP1 billion and is expected to be completed by 2020.

Pocholo Paragas, TIEZA’s chief operating officer, in an interview on Wednesday, said within the year they target to finish the construction of the pumping stations and the sea outfall pipelines in Bulabog Beach, which is part of Phase II project.

Based on the drainage plan, four pumping stations and three sea outfall pipelines will be constructed in the area.

In the old design, the outfall or where drainage water is discharged is just near the shoreline.

With the new design, the outfall pipelines will be extended by at least 800 meters to one kilometer.

The TIEZA official said their primary concern now is the quality of the water coming out of the drainage.

Paragas said TIEZA will help in clearing all illegal connections to the drainage system while the Boracay drainage expansion project is being constructed.

Illegal sewage connections on the island’s drainage system are blamed for the dirty water coming out of the drainage outfall.

“We will go after illegal connections that are happening on the existing pipes,” he said.

The Package I of the Phase II project, which includes the construction of one pumping station, was started in January while Packages 2, 3, 4, 5 and 1a will start in May.

Meanwhile, the Phase I of the drainage project with a budget of PHP91.8 million was completed in 2014.

Paragas also joined Wednesday’s checking of some drainage lines on the island where illegal connections were found.

He also had a meeting with the two water utilities on the island — the Boracay Island Water Company and Boracay Tubi Systems Inc. and other private stakeholders. (PNA)

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